Perfect Positioning

Perfect Neck & Spine Alignment - no pins/needles in arms!More

Interlocking Massage Cushion System

Designed & patented by a professional therapist More

Adjustable & Flexible Cushion System

Suits all size clients & all couch treatments More

Prenatal Applications

Perfect for Prenatal/Pregnancy Massage,Supports Baby SafelyMore

Comfy Body Alignment

Comfy neck alignment, no breathing obstruction, adjustable armrestsMore

Superior Body Bolster Body Cushion for all clients male & female, suits all shapes & sizes, completely flexible and adjustable.

Ideal for all Massage, Pregnancy Massage and Spa Treatments.

Improve your Clients comfort levels, enhance their treatment experience, save yourself from unnecessary aches and pains and invest in the future of your business! Therapists, spa's and hospices trust and use The Comfy Client Cushion with complete confidence. Read the testimonials or the cushion page to understand why.

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  • Comfy Client Cushion System- cream
  • Comfy Client Cushion has adjustable legs to accomodate larger clients
  • Comfy Client Cushions are adjustable suits all clients
  • Easily massage behind clients in supine-no pressure on handsasy access
  • Comfy for Prenatal Massage
  • Comfy neck alignment and adjustable armrests
  • No pins and needles for your client when arms hang over side of couch
  • Upright position, adjustable armrests
  • No pressure on breast tissue or scar tissue

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Why Do Therapists Love Our Cushion?

Therapists can perform their best treatments while clients are nestled comfortably into the cushion face down, on their side or face up, without need to readjust themselves constantly. Better treatments lead to repeat business for your practice. Therapists can now deliver long sweeping strokes and deeper massage to the back, neck and shoulders while the client remains face up, without pinching the client or straining their own hands and wrists – a great asset for beauty and bodywork therapists

access to neck and upper back
  • A world of difference to the beauty couch

    "As a client I can honestly say my treatment was made a lot more enjoyable because of this amazing cushion. It makes a world of difference to the beauty couch. Highly recommended ..."

    Christine Underwood,
  • A brilliant investment

    "This is a brilliant invention and a brilliant investment ..."

    Alison Robertson, Lavender Room Therapies
  • The cushion system has enhanced each and every massage I give

    "The cushion system has enhanced each and every massage I give ..."

    Rachel Wycherley, Elemental Massage
  • What can I say...Wow

    "What can I say...Wow...if anyone is pondering this system I would say go for it ..."

    Kim McIlwham, Therapy Zone
  • It's the best money I've spent

    "It's the best money I've spent. I feel it has already paid for itself in client comfort ..."

    Janet Creed, Serenity Salon
  • A great product which I would recommend to all

    "Being a Remedial/Holistic Therapist I am always looking to add value to my patients experience when attending my Practice. The Comfy Client Cushion fits the bill perfectly as it enables the patient extra comfort and supp ..."

    Anthony J. Boyce, The Haydn Practice

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Therapist Comfy Cushion