Most of the benefits of positioning your clients correctly have been covered in this website. It should be a priority to therapists to ensure that their clients are comfortable during all couch treatments. Rolled up towels and lots of standard cushions can be cumbersome and still uncomfortable. Padded couches just raise the problem without actually solving them. Call us to try the cushions for yourself at our day spa in Staffordshire or visit us at one of our next trade shows. Subscribe to our newsletter on the home page to ensure you are kept up to date.

The Comfy Client Cushion has been proven to last at least 8 years from when they were originally launched. They are made from superior craftmanship in the UK and can be expected to last up to 15 years!

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  • A world of difference to the beauty couch

    "As a client I can honestly say my treatment was made a lot more enjoyable because of this amazing cushion. It makes a world of difference to the beauty couch. Highly recommended ..."

    Christine Underwood,
  • A brilliant investment

    "This is a brilliant invention and a brilliant investment ..."

    Alison Robertson, Lavender Room Therapies
  • The cushion system has enhanced each and every massage I give

    "The cushion system has enhanced each and every massage I give ..."

    Rachel Wycherley, Elemental Massage
  • What can I say...Wow

    "What can I say...Wow...if anyone is pondering this system I would say go for it ..."

    Kim McIlwham, Therapy Zone
  • It's the best money I've spent

    "It's the best money I've spent. I feel it has already paid for itself in client comfort ..."

    Janet Creed, Serenity Salon
  • A great product which I would recommend to all

    "Being a Remedial/Holistic Therapist I am always looking to add value to my patients experience when attending my Practice. The Comfy Client Cushion fits the bill perfectly as it enables the patient extra comfort and supp ..."

    Anthony J. Boyce, The Haydn Practice

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