The reasons why therapists invest in the best ever interlocking body bolster massage support cushion:

If you care about your clients, your reputation, the health of your hands and back and you want repeat business and referrals, then this cushion system is a must and a sound investment for you and your practice.

Complementary therapist working in palliative care

Roger Kelly , Complementary Therapist, Bedfordshire

As a complementary therapist working in palliative care, I have found the Comfy Client system has changed the therapies I carry out on a personal level as well as providing huge benefits for the people I treat. Many people I see are in a lot of discomfort, so the additional support provided by the cushions is certainly appreciated. Patients who have had operations to their breast area enjoy the lack of pressure to this very sensitive area. One lady has commented that she feels as if she is being hugged throughout her therapy sessions. I also work with children with life-limiting conditions and the system works with them as well. Placing a baby or small child in the opening of the largest cushion gives me “an extra pair of hands” during a session and prevents them rolling about. This too has proven to be very relaxing with the little ones falling asleep!

On the whole the Comfy Client has changed how I carry out therapy sessions and I wouldn’t part with them. I’ve noticed that I get less aches and pains because access to the person I am working with is improved, especially to the back and neck.

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    Anthony J. Boyce, The Haydn Practice

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